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  Jet time share ownership provides individuals, companies and corporations a cost-effective way of owning an aircraft  

Sometimes the aircraft is simply a normal passenger frame but many people participate in the ownership of an executive jet. More

  Jet Time Share ownership is a concept that it revolutionizing the way the world does business.  
  t is a popular, affordable and viable option for business and individuals with unique transportation requirements. More.  

Owning a time share jet is not that complicated. It is similar to buying a time share condo but with more flexible times.

  You purchase a fractional asset - a share in an aircraft that is specifically crafted to meet your specific transportation requirement. More.  

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Jet Time Share ownership is a concept that it revolutionizing the way the world does business.  It is a popular, affordable and viable option for business and individuals with unique transportation requirements.  Private jet aviation offers personal security, privacy, comfort, safety and flexibility of schedule. Most of all, time sharing saves you time in a globalized economy where time is often of the essence.

Individuals and companies from all over the world are finding a better balance between their personal and professional commitments by taking advantage of the efficiency and productivity offered by private jet aviation.

Private Jet Aviation allows companies and individuals to avoid the hassle and inconvenience associated with commercial travel and fly in their own executive jets you can set your own schedule and fly in the comfort, security and privacy of your own airplane. Even better yet, jet time share ownership allows you to fly point to point to less populated and remote areas all over the world, thus avoiding such time consuming inconveniences as stop-overs, overnight stays at airport hotels and long drives to your final destination.

If you are looking to save time, reduce stress on your employees and increase productivity, private jet aviation is certainly an important consideration for you. Studies that track the habits of busy business executives have shown that a company can gain as much as one month of time over an average year by using a private business aircraft. A trip that would normally take four days can be compressed into a one-way journey. The flexibility of this program also enables you to conduct several meetings in three or four different cities in one day and still be home at in time for dinner.  This kind of expediency definitely gives you the edge over competitors in the fast-paced global economy as well as more quality time with your loved ones.

Ownership in a private jet timeshare can also come in very handy during an emergency or crisis as it allows you to attend a last minute meeting or send a customer support team out into the field at a moment's notice. It spares you the inconvenience of having your schedule dictated by the airlines or spending hours online or on hold trying to book last minute plane tickets.

Private jet ownership is also the first choice of high net worth individuals whose companies have unique needs, such as the need to be transported to remote areas that may contain rough terrain, high mountains, wastelands, extreme cold and turbulent weather. West Jet Exec's offers pressurized turbine aircraft that optimizes the safety of you and your employees during such an expedition.

In terms of security and privacy, private aircraft offers you protection from terrorism, infectious disease, corporate spies and any other troubles.

Using a private executive jet for business also makes a statement, about which you are and what lengths you will go to meet your client for that important meeting. An investment in aviation demonstrates your faith in the future to those who may be thinking of investing in you.

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